From Holmes to Sherlock - initial thoughts

I'm only twenty chapters into this massive tome so please understand that this is a preliminary opinion.

The only problem I have with this book so far is a stupid decision by its British publisher. Here are the US and UK editions respectively.

I may be alone in this but I prefer the jacket design of the UK edition - but what the hell is going on with the title? The original title is perfect and encapsulates exactly what the book is setting out to achieve. The UK title is a total nonsense and the person at Head of Zeus who dreamt it up and imposed it on the UK needs to have a serious talk with themselves. After all, Sherlock Holmes is the man who never lived and can thus never die. So, I repeat, the UK title is a piece of stupidity. I'm given to understand that UK publishers believed the British public would struggle to understand the original title. Well I tell you this, I'm struggling with UK one and I would appreciate it, Head of Zeus, if you didn't insult my intelligence. If you are chronicling Sherlock Holmes from his origins - where he was referred to as Holmes - to the modern day - where he is frequently called Sherlock; then From Holmes to Sherlock is bloody perfect.

Now I shall put my rage to one side and focus on the book. As I said above, I'm only twenty chapters in but it is enough to say to people that they should buy this book. The writing flows and you get as much wrapped up in it as you would with any good novel. Bostrom not only writes, he also paints a literary picture. He's brave enough not to centre his narrative on one figure, he is willing to stroll away and take us into the company of others and make them the centre of events for as long as is required for them to contribute their piece to this amazing jigsaw. Other writers who have done this have not done it so well.

I will write a fuller review when I have finished the book but don't wait for me. Get it now.

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  1. Yea, the UK title just doesn't seem very good, like you said, for the purpose of the book.