I'm part of Generation G. Are you?

 Oh what it is to be a forty-something Sherlockian. I sometimes wonder where I fit in. The under 35s are largely in the new Cumberbatch/Miller wave and the over 55s are the "old guard" in charge of most traditional societies.

Where does that leave me and those of a similar age?

I discovered Sherlock Holmes in the 1980s. I was an impressionable 10 year old when Jeremy Brett became Holmes for my generation. I therefore think that Generation G (G for Granada - I do know there is another meaning) might be a fitting term for those of us (then) youngsters who developed our love for Holmes in the 80s through the interpretation of Mr Brett and now find ourselves transitioning from young upstarts to establishment.

The thing is that my generation of Sherlockians were transitioning in another sense too. We were born into a non-internet world and have seen the arrival of social media in the world at large as well as in the Sherlockian world. I think the majority of us have embraced it yet, I think, we still have the old-school fondness for traditional societies in the way the up and coming generation don't seem to have (at least not to the same degree). We are very much caught between two Sherlockian stools.

As we're in the middle is it our task to join together those at the ends of the spectrum? Do we need to be the generation that gets the new devotees to talk to the establishment and vice versa (before we become the establishment)?

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