Review: Sherlock Holmes Journal Summer 2016

The Sherlock Holmes Journal for Summer 2016 recently landed on doormats....

....and, as usual, it is packed full of articles and reviews. It's always a mixed bag and some elements appealed more than others.

I found Roger Emerson's entry The (Tax) Return of Sherlock Holmes to be hard going but it was followed by a wonderful article from Sonia Fetherston called Mowbray and the Three Holmeses which I found fascinating and entertaining.

Coverage of recent society events, such as the Annual Dinner, was interesting and told me things I didn't know (even though I was there).

The book review section contains more entries than usual including three reviews by my good self.

The dominating aspect of the Journal is the sad news of the death of Douglas Wilmer. The Journal leads on this subject and later contains a list of reminiscences from people such as Mark Gatiss and other notable Sherlockians.

Roger Johnson informed me in May that Wilmer's death had been so unexpected that the journal had to be hastily adjusted to accommodate articles that would not otherwise have appeared. An obvious casualty of this was that some of the other contributions had to be edited down. Book reviews were an obvious candidate.

Rest assured that this last minute shuffling has not impacted the quality of the journal.

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