Back on iPlayer

If you have access to BBC iPlayer it's worth giving this documentary a look (or re-look).

Penny Dreadful - why no Holmes?

I only recently discovered Penny Dreadful so I appreciate that this discussion may have taken place long ago...

Kate Brombley speaks!

I have blogged before about Kate Brombley and her work with the Richard Lancelyn Green bequest in Portsmouth...

Conan Doyle : Plagiarism situation

Some of you will have read my post regarding the suggestion that Conan Doyle stole the idea for The Problem of Thor Bridge.

Yawn. Conan Doyle and Plagiarism - again!

 Once again we have someone unearthing something amazing. Conan Doyle was a plagiarist. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Mild Spoilers - Houdini & Doyle Series One Review DVD

 I ordered the DVD box set of Houdini & Doyle after learning I would not be able to watch more than the first episode otherwise. The review below contains minor spoilers which I don't think will affect your enjoyment if you read them. However, consider yourselves warned.