So what's the future for Houdini and Doyle?

I have posted several times about ITV drama series Houdini & Doyle...

The main bone I've been picking (and I'm decidedly not alone) is about the decision to show episode 2 onwards only on ITV Encore.

This post from the Radio Times website has comments on it that largely agree with my own. Namely, why put it on main ITV and then move it to Encore? People on that page range from frustrated to disgusted (along with those who hated episode 1 and thus don't care a jot).

It may be incorrect but it is not unreasonable to theorize that some kind of deal was struck with the providers through whom it is now possible to see the series? If there was such a deal I think we all deserve to know. If not then the commercial decision needs to be explained. Drastically limiting your potential viewing audience is first class idiocy if you want the show to be renewed. Surely those commercial companies paying to occupy the advertising slots would prefer to get their adverts across to all of the UK and not just Sky and Now TV subscribers?

Or is it really the case that UK viewing figures are irrelevant and that any renewal for a second series will be entirely dependent on the the US reception?

In the UK we know that the DVD box set of the first series will be released around the time the series broadcasts in the US. Is it too cynical of me to expect that the series will be repeated on regular ITV (or perhaps ITV 2, 3 or 4) just in the run-up to that release?

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  1. Doesn't Rupert Murdoch own Sky? The series will air in the U.S. on Murdoch's FOX in May. Maybe part of the overall deal was he'd only allow the series to air early in the UK if it ran on his pay service? Just a thought.

  2. I guess it's possible. Like I said, I think they just say what the rationale was. Staying silent about it is serving no purpose.