The Bride is getting closer

There's a lot of cynicism about the imminent Sherlock special but I am not joining it. I am very excited.

Although I love Sherlock I have always preferred my Holmes and Watson named as such and in their natural Victorian habitat. Like-minded fans have lately been let down in this area (in my opinion). RDJ's films, fun though they are, are more steam-punk than Doyle. We've not really had a noteworthy Victorian Holmes since the days of Granada (sorry I don't really count Max Headroom's attempts or the Roxburgh and Everett efforts - fun though they were).

Pretenders to the throne?

The Victorian era always seems fairly safe in the hands of Mark Gatiss (thinking of his Doctor Who episodes in said era) and when you add a pseudo-ghost element it seems extra safe in his hands.

The King and the heir apparent?

I have high hopes and look forward to Cumberbatch joining Brett in my pantheon of great Victorian Sherlocks.

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