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I don't know what's happened to me but I've gone out of my way to obtain some more Holmes pastiche to review.

The book I have selected this time is A Farewell to Baker Street by Mark Mower. I cannot explain what drew me to it out of the sea of Holmes fiction but I guess my faith in such offerings has been restored, to an extent, by Bonnie MacBird with her book Art in the Blood.

Before I go any further I must point out that I was given the book for free for the purposes of review but have received nothing else.

Farewell  contains five stories of which the last is a bit more substantial than the others. At this point I've only read the first two. The first is entitled An Affair of the Heart. It is wonderfully and colourfully introduced but is concluded all too neatly and suddenly and is disappointing as a result. The nearest comparison to the Canon I can think of is A Case of Identity which is also wrapped up with very little effort from Holmes.

The second story, The Curious Matter of the Missing Pearmain is far more satisfying although I guessed the murderer very early on and very nearly the entire method of how it was done. I was slightly out however and nothing detracts from the clever nature of the story.

I can say no more until I've read the rest. Watch this space.

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