Moriarty Documentary.....worries

I recently committed myself to putting together a documentary (of sorts) on the Canonical Professor Moriarty.

I've been putting together the visual elements for some time but it was on Tuesday that I sat down and recorded most of the dialogue. Then began the arduous task of editing it all together.

The end result is roughly ten minutes long but it has given me a great appreciation of the work that goes into producing, shall we say, proper documentaries. I did the whole thing on my own and it shows.

I've taken the concious decision to leave in some things that a pro would not. Moments when I faltered in my speech and daft things like my creaking chair (no I'm not fat, I just didn't put the chair together well).

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. It sounds like it will be fun to watch.
    Who is the doc. for?

    1. It wasn't commissioned. I simply said on this blog that I'd try and produce one. It will go up on here / YouTube in due course.