The BSJ Christmas Annual Arrives

I have begun reading the Baker Street Journal's Christmas Annual which arrived yesterday.

It revolves around the portrayal of Holmes given by Douglas Wilmer and has, so far, proved an excellent read (I'm about two-thirds through it).

Written/edited, unashamedly, by two fiercely pro-Wilmer Sherlockians, it gives a number of articles from Wilmer himself and people such as Mark Gatiss, David Stuart Davies, Sir Roger Moore etc who all talk in glowing terms about Wilmer the man as well as his Holmes and, less glowingly, about the fraught production of his BBC series.

I do not share the adoration of Wilmer that is displayed in the journal but that is a generational thing. I am a child of the Brett era and, for me, he will always be the Holmes in the same way that Wilmer is for the contributors to this Annual. Nevertheless it is a fascinating read and gives us wonderful insights, both current and from the time of production, that are not only interesting but could serve as a guide to future Holmes script writers and producers. It is certainly the best Christmas Annual from the BSJ that I have read.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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