I thought we were at saturation point

I did think we'd reached saturation point but....

...Undershaw found its way back into the Haslemere Herald. This time it was the chair of governors of Stepping Stones that chipped in. The Herald again displayed a lack of balance by giving the lady concerned not only a prominent position in the letters pages but an article that, to me, seemed tilted in favour of the school.

I look forward to the riposte from John Gibson that I assume will feature in the next issue. It's not an act of clairvoyance to predict it as he is the only person against the Stepping Stones scheme that the newspaper will print. Several people in favour have made the letters pages but only Mr Gibson in the 'no' camp.

I'm forced to assume that presenting John Gibson as the lone voice of opposition to the present plans (which he isn't) is part of a press strategy.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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