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The South Norwood Tourist Board is continuing its campaign to have a lake named after Arthur Conan Doyle in South Norwood Country Park (see here).

The problem I have is its clear preference for the name "Lake Conan". This was the name it expressed a preference for pretty much at the outset. Now, in a post on its blog, it is offering a poll inviting people to comment on a range of options. Given its clear fondness for "Conan" I don't understand why it is doing this.

South Norwood Country Park
In communications between us I have expressed my doubts about "Lake Conan" as an idea and suggested that "Lake Doyle" or "Lake Arthur" would be better. The SNTB appears to have dismissed the former and I doubt it'll express much interest in the latter.

Get in touch with them if you have any thoughts on the matter.

UPDATE: I've recently heard back from a SNTB representative and the door has not been shut on alternatives to "Conan" (although it is clearly still the preferred choice). If you wish to influence matters please get in touch with them through their blog.

Please note that their poll has not yet been updated to reflect the new suggestions.

The SNTB's argument for "Lake Conan" can be found here. The fact that they invoke Conan the Barbarian in the argument tells you, in my opinion, a lot of what is wrong with the idea. The idea that people could easily think this has something to do with Conan the Barbarian would hardly result in the works and achievements of Arthur Conan Doyle being remembered.

NEW UPDATE (13.29 UK BST): The SNTB has, in light of comments from myself and others, amended its poll. If you visit it now a range of additional options to vote for are present:

See the poll here and vote for your favourite.

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  1. Wow, the poll misspelled Reichenbach...Lake Reichenback [sic] just doesn't do it for me. Clearly all the SNTB needs to do is procure a Medium and ask ACD himself. I vote they name it 'Stark Munro Lake' - or anything other than 'Lake Conan'.