I shall struggle on

Not that long ago I put out a request for blog submissions. Much to my disappointment I only got one tentative reply.

I'm not sure why this is. Is it that my blog simply isn't as popular as I think it is or is it that people simply prefer that I do the work? Blogger's stats tell me that my blog does okay on the readership front so I guess it must be the latter reason (or something else that I haven't thought of).

I toil in your service dear readers

It's hard work coming up with these posts every week as other bloggers will know all too well.

So, even though I have taken the submission request page down, the offer still stands.

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  1. What sorts of posts are you looking for from other writers? I mean obviously they need to be Holmes/ACD related, but are there any other requirements?

    1. Related as you say and also non-fiction. That's it really.

    2. Well it would be a couple of weeks yet before I could really put something down in writing, but if you like I may be able to write something and e-mail it to you. If you like it feel free to use it. :)

    3. Sounds interesting. Be sure to also send a graphic for me to put at the foot of the post as I do with mine. I look forward to your submission.

  2. I have to say I don't recall reading your request for blog submissions. I could send you something if you're interested.