Cumberbatch must be stopped

I admit to being firmly on the road to becoming a fuddy-duddy (I hope that means the same in all countries) so, given that I have a lot of teens to 20-somethings on my Twitter, a great amount of what I read is littered with terms I really don’t grasp.

However, from what little I can read, it is clear that Benedict Cumberbatch needs to be stopped. Why? For the very future of our species.

I have been reading for many months, and with an increasing sense of panic, of the medical condition known as destruxit ovariis or, to translate, “destroyed ovaries”. An alarming number of women, apparently in the age group 13-30 are reporting experiencing this after witnessing Benedict Cumberbatch. Alarmingly this condition does not require the subject to be in the physical presence of Cumberbatch – the sight of him on screen is clearly enough.

As much as I enjoy his appearances as Sherlock Holmes he needs to be stopped or Sherlockiana and the human race are doomed to end within a generation.

Written by Alistair Duncan
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  1. Doubtless you refer to the "exploding ovaries" many female fans confess to experiencing upon just seeing a photo of BC. While a fan myself I thankfully do not share this aggravating condition. But I agree with you: the future does look dark when propagation of the human race is left solely to Elementary-fans. :-(

    1. "Exploding" didn't look as good in Latin.

  2. You can up that age range. There's a reason why so many of my female non-Sherlockian friends (all over 30, and some past 40) bought Star Trek: Into Darkness after seeing it in theatres, and it has nothing to do with the plot, Pine, or Quinto. Good thing we've already done our part, population-wise!


  3. Finally a Voice of Reason! ;)