Blog post comments - the situation

In light of some recent exchanges, and in the interests of this blog's readers, I'm going to re-state the latest position on comments.

You are all more than welcome to comment on blog posts. All I ask is that you adhere to the guidelines stated in my FAQ page. I moderate for the reasons I have stated there and although I am concerned that moderation may put some people off I have no intention of changing that practice for the reasons stated on the FAQ page. I check on an almost daily basis so the longest you will have to wait to see your comment on the blog is 24 hours.
I am not in the habit of commenting on my own posts unless someone else does first. If I want to add something to a post without comments I will typically amend the post to include the change. So you need to be prepared as readers to start the ball rolling.

If I find a comment interesting or it raises a question that I feel I can/want to answer I will do so but please don't expect some immediate response. At the risk of stating the obvious, I have a fair amount going on and answering blog comments is not top of my list. In many cases my direct involvement in a comment chain may be neither necessary nor desirable if my readers wish to debate points among themselves.

So there you have it. I know from the stats that plenty of you read this blog. Please start to comment if you wish.

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