Article publication date - *almost* confirmed

I am pleased to announce that it is highly likely that my article on The Hound of the Baskervilles will be published towards the end of the year in two journals.

It will appear in The Torr - the journal of The Poor Folk Upon the Moor and also, hopefully, in The Passengers' Log - the journal of The Sydney Passengers.

It will concern the possible links between the famous story and Wales.

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  1. Wait, yesterday you said don't publish in two journals???

  2. I advised against it but did also suggest it was okay if you'd run it by the respective editors first (which I have in this case). It is certainly a risky thing to do with the bigger journals as they are more likely to have common readership.

  3. I would imagine it is even getting harder to publish with the current influx of new Sherlockians.

  4. I'm very much breaking my rule on responding to comments but hey ho.

    I don't think the new Sherlockians are having a huge impact on the chances of publication at present. The new Sherlockians are, by and large, more interested in the recent adaptations than they are the canonical Holmes. I stress that this is not the case for all of them but a look at the Twitter accounts and Tumblr blogs tend to bear me out.

    Now there is nothing wrong with this but most "traditional" journals still seek articles on the written Holmes rather than any screen Holmes. Yes they will carry reviews of new adaptations but not often anything else. So until the attitude of editors to material changes or the new Sherlockians start writing more traditional articles I think the chances of regular publication are about the same as they were before 2009.

  5. "I'm very much breaking my rule on responding to comments but hey ho."

    May I ask why you set yourself that rule? Most people want their blogs to be read as widely as possible and a lively back and forth seems to attract more readers. I have often wondered about the lack of comments to some of your entries, but it seems to me that your rule of not responding to them may have to do with that.