Inspector Bradstreet – The cricketing inspector

A slightly misleading title I grant you. 

One of the Scotland Yarders to appear more than once in the canon is Inspector Bradstreet. In my earlier article on Inspector Lestrade I questioned where Conan Doyle got the name from. With Bradstreet there is a plausible theory that I first mentioned in my book The Norwood Author.

The Paget Bradstreet and Bradstreet as portrayed by Denis Lil

The Man with the Twisted Lip was the first story to feature Bradstreet and it was the first story Conan Doyle completed after his move from central London to South Norwood. Is it purely coincidence that the local Norwood papers mentioned a member of the Norwood Cricket Club that went by the name of Bradstreet? A club that Conan Doyle joined and played for from 1891 – 1894.

What do we think?

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