Haslemere Festival

Well yesterday saw my appearance at the Haslemere Festival. My wife and I arrived very early and had a wander round Haslemere Museum and looked at their Conan Doyle exhibition which was very good.

We then made our way to Haslemere Hall where I was to introduce a screening of Hammer's Hound of the Baskervilles. At this point I became truly scared as I don't make a habit of public speaking.

We checked my slide show, ran through a few points and then, just for the exercise, we went back to the museum for a buffet lunch. It was there that I met those who had already given their talks. These lucky individuals were Andrew Lycett and Andrew Lane.
Yes I'm terrified

At 2pm I made my way onto the stage following a lovely introduction from Roger Johnson.

Following a talk of about 20 minutes I was relieved to leave the stage for the film screening. There was laughter in all the wrong places (which was quite funny). At its conclusion we drew a raffle. The prizes were a number of books from my publisher MX Publishing. These included my book An Entirely New Country which you can order via this page.

Roger Johnson, yours truly and organiser Jeannette Hatcher drawing the raffle

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  1. Well done, Alistair!
    I'm sure they enjoyed your talk. :-)