NBC Interview

Well yesterday evening saw Roger Johnson, Jean Upton, Kristina Manente, myself (and others) interviewed by American broadcaster NBC in the vicinity of the Sherlock Holmes pub. The evening temperature was not exactly warm so I daresay whatever footage of yours truly that makes it into the final programme will make me look a good deal more terrified than I actually was (I was pretty terrified though).

Yours truly and Scott Swan of NBC

NBC were actually in London to film a variety of pieces in connection with the Olympics. I'm still not entirely sure where Sherlock Holmes fits into the Olympics but there you go. Hopefully the completed programme will make things clear.


  1. Oh, Sherlock Holmes fits into EVERYTHING! It only takes a little of the imagination he used to reconstruct the path of the Silver Blaze ;) I'm sure you went marvelously well on your interview! Will it be online at any point on the NBC youtube channel, you think? Hopefully yes!

  2. I have no idea. They gave no indication.