Some people just don't get it

Well I have to report that I am stunned.

I have just popped to Amazon's UK website and read some of the negative reviews of "Sherlock". I have to say that I am taken aback by how some people can be so negative.

I am a traditionalist (as I said on Radio 5) and I am on record (in my first book) as saying that only a Victorian set Holmes series could ever have a chance of laying claim to the title of "definitive". However this new series has no ambition to be definitive. Consequently I don't rate it on its ability to be classed as such.

Instead I look at it for what it is - a modern day version of a 19th century classic. On that basis it is very good (episode 2 aside - fire that writer) but it should never be compared against Granada's series. That would be a perfect example of apples and oranges.

Right now the Holmes pantheon is dominated by two figures. Jeremy Brett remains unrivalled for his true Victorian portrayal and Basil Rathbone stands alone for his Nazi fighting Holmes.

If BC continues on his present course he will very likely join Brett and Rathbone in the pantheon as the ultimate 21st century Holmes.


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