Sherlock Episode Three

Well last night we had a return to form. You can see what difference it makes when a real fan is behind a script. Mark Gatiss turned in an excellent episode largely based on the original story "The Bruce Partington Plans" but with a little "Final Problem" thrown in. Having canvassed opinion, people seem to be agreed that the episodes are too long. I don't agree with that but I do think that I would prefer series two to be a greater number of shorter episodes - say six one-hour episodes. I feel that three is not enough. However I suppose they did adhere to the showbiz maxim of  "always leave them wanting more".

My only complaint with last night's episode was Moriarty. If that really is Moriarty I am disappointed. To me the actor was playing the role far too much like John Simms' Master from Doctor Who. I remain hopeful that this man is just a front for the real Moriarty.

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