A mistake perhaps

It is perhaps dangerous to admit this but it seems my latest tome "The Norwood Author" is struggling. There could of course be many reasons for this. It could be an awful book or it could be that I was simply silly to release a mini-biography of Arthur Conan Doyle so soon after two full-life biographies. Those books, written by Russell Miller and Andrew Lycett, have probably cast a long shadow over my little tome.

I cannot blame public perception for this. Why would you buy a biography covering only three and a half years when there are two covering the subject's entire life?

However, I should point out that my book contains information that is absent from these two other tomes. With my much narrower focus I have been able to describe many details that the other biographies simply would not have had the space to cover. It is worth buying and you don't have to take my word for it.
Read the Amazon reviews (both U.S. and U.K.).

The sluggish sales somewhat deter me from my latest project which is to do pretty much the same thing for the Undershaw years of 1897 - 1907. Go on, show me that my efforts are appreciated. Buy my book.

*grovel grovel*



  1. Just put a little plug on Twitter that may sell an odd book or two. We all tend to forget Sir Arthur's part in all this.

  2. I have given your books an airing on Facebook and I will eventually create a page on the Undershaw Preservation Trust's website for them.

    Do not lose interest with the Undershaw book - we all have bad days - the sale of your books will pick up. Be patient.