Swift service

Well I was up at 5.30 this morning and thus ready for my cab to Wood Lane. Arrived with 5 mins to spare and was promptly whisked up to a waiting area near the studio. There I enjoyed a quick coffee while I waited with the Sun's agony aunt who was there for an interview about something far more serious.

I was shown into the studio where I had to become an excellent mime artist. Then at 7.55 I was on. I spoke for no more than two or three minutes and then was whisked out and into another car.

I did the maths and I spent 16 times more time in cars to and from the studio than I did speaking.

Oh well. The general opinion was that I spoke well.

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  1. I did listen (using the BBC's iPlayer) and though short I think you came across well (you have a good speaking voice!).

    Your endorsement of the BBC Sherlock is praise indeed as you describe yourself as a "traditionalist".

    Of course, I have not seen it yet but like you and as I said about the Robert Downey Jr version, if it draws more people to the original stories that's all for the good.