Modern-day Sherlock approaches

This coming Sunday (July 25th) sees the arrival of the Moffat/Gatiss modern-day Sherlock Holmes on BBC1.

Like many fans, I am nervous about this approach. I personally see the Victorian setting as a vital part of the success of the Holmes stories so any version that omits this gives me cause for concern. However I acknowledge the inconsistency that I did (and do) enjoy the Universal Rathbone adventures.

I guess that what I fear the most is that we end up with a version of Waking the Dead that happens to feature characters by the name of Sherlock Holmes, John Watson and Lestrade. If we end up with a program that is a run-of-the-mill police drama that only succeeds because it contains Holmes and Watson I shall be disappointed.

Gentlemen I am waiting to be impressed.


  1. I too feel nervous about the modern approach. Despite the creators beliefs, the Victorian era is a key part of the stories and I await what might become "CSI Baker Street" with some trepidation! I would love to be proved wrong and for it to open some new eyes to one of the greatest partnerships that ever existed.

  2. I agree. There is no Sherlock without Victorian.