Well you find me in a time of crisis. Yesterday I came to the conclusion that my plot was unworkable. There I was - 27,000 words in and I decided it was total tosh.

Now I'm not the first (or last) writer to find themselves in this position but that doesn't make things any easier. As my followers on Twitter can testify, I fell into a right old mood and my toys were everywhere other than in the pram. Yet, on the journey home from the office, I realised that if I just made one character's motivation a little less complicated the whole thing could work.


But no…this stunning realisation comes at a price. Yes, you guessed it, rewrites. Now this always occurs of course. You write the book once and then rewrite n times until it is right.

Whole passages of dialogue are going to have to be redrafted and some scenes changed entirely but it is necessary.

A few days off to recharge my batteries and then I'll be back in there (metaphorical) scissors in hand.