History Channel

I forgot to mention that I won't be involved in the History Channel documentary that I mentioned earlier in this blog. The director of said programme couldn't seem to make up his mind whether or not he wanted me in so I withdrew rather than be kept hanging around.

It's a pity as I really wanted to do it.

It's the Pitts

Rumours continue to circulate to the effect that Brad Pitt is in talks to be Moriarty - either in the imminent Sherlock Holmes film or in the inevitable sequel.

One word to Warner Bros. - NO!

It would just not be creditable to have him in the role. It would be like casting Morgan Freeman as Gandhi (i.e. just plain wrong). Please, for one second, think beyond the box office takings and look at the original material (go on break the habit of a lifetime!).

You need someone older (in order to be plausible as a Victoria professor). The perfect choice would have to be Gary Oldman. He's well suited to villains, can pass for a professor and has the physical stature to be seen as a worthy opponent to Holmes atop the Reichenbach Falls.

Go on - do it for me.

The future...

I have serious thoughts of turning my attention to fiction after the next book comes out. What do you think?

I hate waiting

Even though I have secured the services of an unofficial proof-reader I still cannot resist the temptation to proof my own work. It's a foolish thing to do as it is almost impossible not to tinker with what you've done. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't but for the most part it makes zero difference to the perception of the end result.

Nevertheless I cannot stop myself.

I'm also still waiting for my friendly proof-reader to give me his opinion of section two. It's the waiting that plays with my mind the most.



No further progress on the documentary for the History Channel but I hope to hear something later today.

The book proceeds well. I think I am only a few weeks away from completing the draft. It will then be a case of picking my way through it.

TV again (perhaps)

I hope to be discussing my possible involvement in a Sherlock Holmes documentary with a producer over the next few days.

More news as it comes in...

Waiting for marking

Another section of my manuscript has just gone away for review. Tick tock tick tock.