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As regular visitors will know, not a lot has been happening on this blog in 2018. This is partly down to the rising demands of my day job but also down to the fact that little has been going on in the Doyleockian world that interested me enough to blog about it.

All this is about to change.

About two weeks ago I was approached by the writer Daniel Smith who asked if I would be interested in a review copy of his latest tome - The Ardlamont Mystery: The Real-Life Story Behind the Creation of Sherlock Holmes.

I know a little of this episode as I have covered it, albeit briefly, in my own books. What I find odd is the title. The events this book will be covering took place in 1893 some time after the creation of Sherlock Holmes and around the time of his "death". In view of this it is odd that the subtitle claims this is the story behind the creation of Holmes.

I hope that the reasoning for this becomes clear in the reading.

I now wait for Michael O'Mara books to supply my review copy.

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