Are the shadows looming....?

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts since the end of January. The combination of a busy life and a relative lack of Sherlockian stuff worth talking about are to blame.

Back in August 2015 I posed the question - When will Holmes return to the Shadows? In this post I talked about how, ever since his creation, Holmes has enjoyed periods of sunshine - times when his profile was high courtesy of stage plays, films or TV shows. Outside of these times Holmes continues to enjoy the adoration of his dedicated fans but the mainstream public moves on.
Is the spotlight moving on?

I think we may finally be entering a new shadow period. The BBC's Sherlock is off the air for the foreseeable future, there's nothing more than minor chatter regarding a third RDJ Holmes movie and Elementary is just coasting (at least that's all it appears to be doing the UK side of the pond).

Of course there is a multitude of smaller scale Holmes offerings. There's some sort of Holmes play or exhibition somewhere in the world most of the time but these are not fuelling the fire of mainstream interest. Without something high-profile Holmes is starting to step back into the shadows.


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  1. Into the shadows? With Sherlock Gnomes, Will Farrel and Enola Holmes on the way? Well, Holmes will live where he always does when fads pass. I for one will not miss the glare.