Xmas recommendations 2018

Well we've had quite a year of books in our favourite field in 2018. These are my personal recommendations for present ideas for the Doyleockian in your life.

Solar Pons - some thoughts

Most fans of the Sherlock Holmes stories are aware of the amount of pastiche and homage efforts out there. They come in many categories.

Review: The Complete Paget Porfolio

When I first saw the earlier adverts for The Complete Paget Portfolio I was excited and the book does not disappoint.

The Sidney Paget Holmes drawings are, in my opinion, definitive. They set the standard for depictions of Holmes in pretty much all media. As such I really want to know all I can about them.

Apologies for the lack of activity

Once again I find myself having to apologise for the lack of recent activity on my blog.

Review: Hiding the Elephant by Jim Steinmeyer

This book chronicles the golden age of magic from the mid 19th century through to the mid 20th. Its connection is a Doylean one in so far as the book devotes a fair number of pages to Harry Houdini who, as we know, was a friend and enemy of Conan Doyle.

Review: A Chronology of the Life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 2018 Edition by Brian Pugh

To those not in the know, Brian Pugh has been working on his chronology of Arthur Conan Doyle for many years and used to privately print and circulate it prior to its more formal publication.

Review: The Adventure of the Wordy Companion

These days it is a joy to get my hands on a Sherlockian reference work. In comparison to the ceaseless flow of pastiche, non-fiction books are rare and not as valued as they should be.

So I was pleased to get the opportunity to review The Adventure of the Wordy Companion: An A-Z Guide to Sherlockian Phraseology by Nicko Vaughan.

Book giveaway - Conan Doyle for the Defence

On the same day I posted my review of The Ardlamont Mystery I was approached by Profile Books to review Conan Doyle for the Defence.

Review: The Ardlamont Mystery by Daniel Smith

In the interests of fairness, I disclose that I was sent a free copy of this book by the publisher for the purposes of review.

Soon to be reviewed....

As regular visitors will know, not a lot has been happening on this blog in 2018. This is partly down to the rising demands of my day job but also down to the fact that little has been going on in the Doyleockian world that interested me enough to blog about it.

Are the shadows looming....?

Firstly I must apologise for the lack of posts since the end of January. The combination of a busy life and a relative lack of Sherlockian stuff worth talking about are to blame.

10 years an author.

In approximately one week it will be the ten year anniversary of my first book Eliminate the Impossible. I cannot believe it if I'm honest.