Sherlock Holmes Journal Winter 2017

I received the latest edition of The Sherlock Holmes Journal yesterday and I've been through it today on the commute.

Yours truly gets three mentions within this issue - two of which were a surprise. In the editorial, part of my blog review of From Holmes to Sherlock is quoted where I rage against the stupid title given to the UK edition.

In the book review section the review for the book Sherlock Holmes from Screen to Stage: Post-millennial Adaptations in British Theatre by Benjamin Poore states that I am one of the "Holmesian authorities cited...". That is always very pleasing. Alas I'm not going to see it because this 268 page hardback book costs a staggering £66.99 according to the review and, at the moment, Amazon lists it for even more. I'm sorry but that's an obscene price for a book.

The final entry is a book review of mine, which first appeared in this blog, about Christopher Sandford's latest book on Conan Doyle. The original blog entry can be found here. It was reproduced in the Journal by Roger Johnson with my permission.

The rest of the journal contains its usual diverse range of articles. I found the article The Manifold Faces of Roy to be a high point. The articles surrounding the Cubitt family and the story The Dancing Men are also intreresting.

If you've not got your copy yet it should not be long.

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