Spiritualist Church in Danger

I've recently been contacted by a Wendy Stokes who is campaigning to save a Spiritualist Temple in Camden with Conan Doyle links.

Her blog post on the subject can be found at:

A Facebook page at:

And a petition at:

I don't know anything about the building beyond what was contained in the email. The Conan Doyle connection appears to rest on the fact that he donated £500 towards the building costs and later that he laid the building's foundation stone. The present owners apparently wish to convert the building to flats and Ms Stokes and others are fighting this.

If you are interested in getting involved please follow the above links.

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  1. Hello Alistair,
    Thank you for posting.
    I am sorry, I did not make myself clear.
    The present owners are not wanting to convert the building - but demolish it - for flats.
    I am campaigning to save the building as a tribute to Conan Doyle which will be an asset to Camden Town, and to renovate it for use as a public amenity which will serve the community.
    If anyone would like to be involved, please contact me.
    In light
    Wendy 🕵️