Conan Doyle the Architect and a building in danger.

I received an email a few days ago from actor Brice Stratford regarding the Lyndhurst Grand Hotel in the New Forest.

A hotel since 1895 (fitting in itself), in 1912 an extension was added to the original building. Alongside this work, according to the research I've been sent, was "...a concomitant redesign of the front entrance by a total amateur....Sir Arthur Conan Doyle."

Some of Conan Doyle's sketches for this work have been discovered in some scrap books that now form part of the RLG Collection at Portsmouth.

The reference to the plans being Doyle's (boxed)

The building is currently in pre-planning talks for demolition and carries no form of heritage protection. Mr Stratford is keen to do anything that might save this piece of Conan Doyle work. If anyone wishes to contact him I can provide contact details.

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