Visit to the grave of Arthur Conan Doyle

On July 7th I visited the grave of Arthur Conan Doyle in Minstead. It was the second time I'd been but the first on the actual anniversary of his death.

Although a lovely setting we need to remember that it was not his choice. He was originally buried in his own garden near to his writing hut. Ten years later his wife was buried next to him.

When the family sold the house (Windlesham), the bodies had to be removed and, after some presumably interesting family deliberations, they were buried at Minstead, close to Bignell Wood, their house in the New Forest.

I don't know for sure (as I've never looked into it) but I've always assumed that it was his interest and passionate support of Spiritualism that led to him being buried almost as far away from the church as it is possible to get.

The rose was from our own garden which is not too far from his former Surrey home. It felt strangely fitting and more personal. The two pipes you see were already there. There is always something Sherlockian on his grave which he probably would not have appreciated.

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