Review: Jack The Ripper - Case Closed by Gyles Brandreth

"What, another one?" I hear you cry. Yes, we have a novel about the solving of the Jack The Ripper crimes.

I normally avoid these like the plague. They tend to be either historically inaccurate or have anti-climactic conclusions.

Review: Granada's Greatest Detective: A Guide to the Classic Sherlock Holmes Television Series

I've made no secret of my opinion that Jeremy Brett is the best Sherlock Holmes bar none. Spare me your Wilmer, Rathbone and Cumberbatch - Brett is the Zeus of this pantheon. The Granada series is, for me, the zenith of canonical fidelity (and yes I know standards fell towards the end).

Defending Roy

Not long ago I took part in a Facebook conversation about Conan Doyle and dogs. It was suggested by some on the thread that Conan Doyle possibly did not like dogs based on the way they were presented in the Holmes stories.

Review: Churchill & Orwell - The Fight for Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks

To begin with I openly state that I was given an advance reading copy for free by the publisher.

You'll have to excuse my sojourn away from the work of Conan Doyle and Holmes for this post. I am making an exception because both of the subjects of this book were contemporaries of Conan Doyle for varying amounts of time and one of them met with Conan Doyle more than once.