Book Fest in Portsmouth - My talk on ACD

On Saturday April 22nd I gave a talk in Portsmouth on Arthur Conan Doyle.

The talk had been in the diary for some time and I arrived, on the day, with a certain degree of nervousness.
The venue
As is my custom, I arrived early. I amused myself by looking at some of the books available on the second floor.

Look what I found....

Despite the time of day there was a respectable turnout.

Due to my nerves I delivered my 45 minute lecture in 30 minutes but was then able to field a lot of questions, many of which were outside the scope of the talk. Luckily none of the questions stumped me.

During this time there was a local press photographer there so I am hoping to see some pictures in the near future.

Following my talk, I was taken to the library basement to see some of the RLG collection that is not currently accessible.

Everything on the left is RLG stuff. Just scratching the surface.
Despite my nerves, I think I performed okay. People were certainly complimentary on their way out. One lady had even travelled over from the Isle of Wight just for the talk. I hope she found it worth the trip.

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  1. Sounds like a resounding success, Alistair. I haven't seen the hidden collection but have visited the wonderful library. Did you video your talk?

    1. No recording of any kind I'm afraid. I asked in advance and was told they lacked the tech to do so.