Sherlock Holmes Journal Winter 2017

I received the latest edition of The Sherlock Holmes Journal yesterday and I've been through it today on the commute.

Xmas recommendations 2017

Here are the books in the Sherlockian and Doylean fields that I recommend for Xmas 2017.

About Being A Sherlockian

It depresses me a little that my day-to-day work life has prevented me writing anything substantial this year.

Review: The Adventures of Solar Pons Vol 1

Yes I know this is not strictly speaking a Sherlock Holmes or Arthur Conan Doyle matter but you'll have to bear with me as it's a quiet news day (month? year?) from a Holmes perspective.

Review: The Man Who Would be Sherlock by Christopher Sandford

I found this book a challenge to review. The problem, as with so many books in this field, is that it has been done before but that doesn't make it a bad book.

Lack of service

I honestly don't know if I have regular readers but, if I do, I owe you an apology.

Review: Unquiet Spirits by Bonnie MacBird

I recently finished reading Bonnie's latest Sherlock Holmes pastiche - Unquiet Spirits - and it has been a good ride.

World War One Body Armour and Conan Doyle

Yesterday I attended a talk at The National Archives in Kew. The subject was body armour in World War One and the part that Arthur Conan Doyle played in trying to improve the situation for British Soldiers.

Review: From Holmes to Sherlock

Yesterday I completed reading Mattias Bostrom's magnum opus From Holmes to Sherlock (I refuse to use the absurd UK title anymore).

Spiritualist Church in Danger

I've recently been contacted by a Wendy Stokes who is campaigning to save a Spiritualist Temple in Camden with Conan Doyle links.

Conan Doyle the Architect and a building in danger.

I received an email a few days ago from actor Brice Stratford regarding the Lyndhurst Grand Hotel in the New Forest.

From Holmes to Sherlock - initial thoughts

I'm only twenty chapters into this massive tome so please understand that this is a preliminary opinion.

Visit to the grave of Arthur Conan Doyle

On July 7th I visited the grave of Arthur Conan Doyle in Minstead. It was the second time I'd been but the first on the actual anniversary of his death.

Wow it's been a month

I do apologise for the lack of recent blog posts. Truth be told, I simply haven't been getting up to much on the Sherlockian front.

Review: Jack The Ripper - Case Closed by Gyles Brandreth

"What, another one?" I hear you cry. Yes, we have a novel about the solving of the Jack The Ripper crimes.

I normally avoid these like the plague. They tend to be either historically inaccurate or have anti-climactic conclusions.

Review: Granada's Greatest Detective: A Guide to the Classic Sherlock Holmes Television Series

I've made no secret of my opinion that Jeremy Brett is the best Sherlock Holmes bar none. Spare me your Wilmer, Rathbone and Cumberbatch - Brett is the Zeus of this pantheon. The Granada series is, for me, the zenith of canonical fidelity (and yes I know standards fell towards the end).

Defending Roy

Not long ago I took part in a Facebook conversation about Conan Doyle and dogs. It was suggested by some on the thread that Conan Doyle possibly did not like dogs based on the way they were presented in the Holmes stories.

Review: Churchill & Orwell - The Fight for Freedom by Thomas E. Ricks

To begin with I openly state that I was given an advance reading copy for free by the publisher.

You'll have to excuse my sojourn away from the work of Conan Doyle and Holmes for this post. I am making an exception because both of the subjects of this book were contemporaries of Conan Doyle for varying amounts of time and one of them met with Conan Doyle more than once.

Review: iClassics' "A Scandal in Bohemia"

iClassics are a company providing a more immersive experience of works by past authors. Amongst those on their list are Edgar Allan Poe, Oscar Wilde and, in this case, Arthur Conan Doyle.

Significant dates

There are two significant Doylean dates in the month. The first, today, is Conan Doyle's 158th birthday.

Review: Arthur & Sherlock by Michael Sims

Writing a biographical work on Arthur Conan Doyle has been a challenge ever since his death. However, the nature of the challenge has changed over the decades. In the beginning, the challenge was the inaccurate information in circulation (a good deal put there by Conan Doyle himself) combined with the Conan Doyle family's tight control of access to his papers.

Alternative facts hit the Doylean world

I did state some time ago that I intended to avoid the subject of Undershaw on this blog but a recent news story doing the rounds in the media needs to be corrected.

Eliminate the Impossible - audio

My first book Eliminate the Impossible, published in 2008, is to be made available in audio format.

Blog announcement

Recent visitors may have noticed an absence of graphics for about five days.

Next SHSL Meeting - March 23rd

It is soon time for the next event in the calendar of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Guest post: The relationship between creators and fandom

 Editor's remarks: My semi-regular contributor Silke Ketelsen has some things to say about Sherlock. It's certainly a robust opinion.

The William Stanley Pub South Norwood - Update

I have posted in the past about the William Stanley pub in South Norwood - the area of South-East London where Arthur Conan Doyle lived between 1891 and 1894.

How is Sherlock perceived now?

 Now that series 4 is behind us and we don't yet know if there will be a series 5 it's time to have a look at Sherlock and how it is perceived.

SHSL 2017 Annual Dinner - January 14th

 A momentous weekend approaches for UK based Sherlockians. On Saturday the 14th The Sherlock Holmes Society of London hosts its Annual Dinner at the House of Commons in Westminster.

Spoilers: Review - Sherlock S4E2 - The Lying Detective

 Well I thought the first episode split the room but little did I know what episode two would do to the audience.

Spoilers - Review of The Six Thatchers - Sherlock S4E1

 So we finally have series 4.

The opening episode - The Six Thatchers - has certainly split the room. Some loathe it and some love it.