Jeremy Brett - is he really not honoured?

 The Daily Mail recently published an article in which they asked if Jeremy Brett was "too white" for an English Heritage Blue Plaque following a decision not to short-list him for one of (presumably) this year's allocation.

Now I'm not going to link to to the article as I don't want to drive any traffic their way (and I don't buy their interpretation) but I think we do deserve to know the reasoning behind the decision to deny him a plaque - whatever it may be.

EH has stated that only 12 plaques can be erected each year. I'd like to know why. As far as I know they aren't limited by the law so it must be a self-imposed limit. If that's the case I suspect it comes down to cost. I've dealt with EH on the plaque subject myself some years ago (in relation to an existing plaque) and heard a lot from them about staffing issues and costs so I would not be surprised if that was behind the decision to limit plaques to 12 per year.

The creator has been given a plaque. Is it time for his creation's greatest incarnation to get one?

All this said we do need an explanation for the decision. This should be extended to all those deemed not to make the short-list rather than just Brett. It would also be interesting to know if he had ever been discussed and rejected before.

Those claiming that Jeremy Brett is being snubbed need to know that while he may not have a blue plaque he does have other forms of honour. He has a plaque inside Wyndham's Theatre where he performed notably in the two man Holmes play with Edward Hardwicke.

He also has a tree and memorial bench on Clapham Common. The latter was only unveiled just shy of a year ago.

EH Blue Plaques are not the last word in commemoration!

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  1. While WIKIPEDIA ( I know, I know )(well actually EH's say this also; "Fictitious characters will not be commemorated"). says the criteria excludes fictional characters, I find it interesting tha Sherlock Holmes has one.

    1. He doesn't. English Heritage only erects plaques for real people. The Blue Plaque on the front of the Sherlock Holmes museum is one they erected themselves that looks similar to the official plaques.