Houdini and Doyle - what next?

So the last few days have seen confirmation that US network Fox have no interest in another series of Houdini & Doyle. Is this the end? Not necessarily.

Reports state that the series received mixed reviews pretty much everywhere it was shown but we need to know to what extent viewing figures were influenced by when the show was broadcast. We already know that it was not scheduled advantageously in the US with its finale being broadcast on July 4th which is recognised as a graveyard slot over there.

This scene may have been a prophetic metaphor
The show's writer made an ambiguous comment on Twitter following the formal announcement.

Does he know something we don't or does he just want to talk about how disappointed he is in more depth?

In the UK there's been no word from ITV about a second series but could the show be rescued in the UK in much the same way that Ripper Street was when the BBC decided to drop it.

My fingers are very much crossed.

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