South Norwood's "Moriarty Pub" LATEST

A few months ago I wrote about the closure of The William Stanley pub in South Norwood.

It occurred to me today to have a look and see if there was more information. The new owners have still not responded to my enquiries and it seems the local press are not having much luck getting direct communications from them either.

However, we do now have the name that the pub will be opened with. It will be named the Shelverdine Goathouse.

This name is apparently rooted in local history but it is a shame that they have elected to dispense with the Stanley link. I am still convinced that he was the inspiration for the academic side of Professor Moriarty as I endeavoured to explain in a short documentary (see below).

Alas, until such time as the new owners respond to my enquiries (or the pub opens) we will not know if they have elected to retain the Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes displays that I convinced the former Wetherspoon pub to erect in 2009.

One can only hope that they continue to show them. The local press article on the pub can be read here.

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