Sherlock 4 - Which villain will Toby Jones be?

It was recently revealed that Toby Jones would be a villain in the new series of Sherlock.

So we naturally have to ask ourselves which villain could he be?

We already know that his character will be based on one Conan Doyle created but which one?

I think it is fair to say that the last major villain left in the canon yet to be deployed is Baron Gruner from The Illustrious Client. However Jones seems unlikely casting for the infamous collector of women (no offence intended Mr Jones).

I've drafted a list of the most likely subjects that I feel Jones could do justice to:

  1. Von Bork (from His Last Bow)
  2. Colonel James Moriarty (mentioned by name in The Final Problem)
  3. Hugo Oberstein (The Bruce-Partington Plans)
1 & 3 - both characters are spies and I could easily see Jones playing them. However, given that Sherlock has already done a version of The Bruce-Partington Plans 3 seems unlikely.

2 - to my mind a compelling one. Who else apart from Moriarty's brother (given that Sherlock has already used a Moran) would be likely to resurrect his sibling to torment Sherlock?

Yes of course there are other villains in the canon but Jones, at around 5ft 5in, would seem unlikely casting for someone like Grimsby Roylott or Jephro Rucastle.

What are your thoughts?

Cultbox has some interesting thoughts (including some I'd not even considered) here.

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  1. I'd like him as Gruner. Although he doesn't look like a classical ladies' man, he could be impossibly charming and therefore very successful in that area. I wouldn't mind spending some time with him....

  2. I'd place my bets on Gruner - even if it may seem unlikely. With the right get up, Toby Jones could come across as a ladies man who could assume evil expressions with a twitch.