The Vote before the EU vote

There is much talk about the EU Referendum but, before that, there is another important election.

Yes it's the Annual General Meeting of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London which takes place on Thursday May 19th at the National Liberal Club on London's Embankment.

So what happens at this event?

For those so inclined, there is a dinner. Following this (circa 8pm) will be the meeting itself. First time meeting attendees will be acknowledged as will overseas visitors. Important news (if it exists) will be conveyed and then there will be the business of the election.

All council members with a portfolio will be up for re-election (assuming they have offered to stand). This includes (but is not limited to) - the Chairman, Secretaries, Treasurer, editors etc.

Of the six council posts without portfolio - two will be available for new candidates. Those whose three years terms have come to an end cannot stand again. This ensures that there will always be two council member changes every year.

The sitting council makes its recommendations for all posts but any member of the society can stand for a post providing their candidacy is supported by two other full members. Members following this route need to have made the secretary aware of this by a certain date in advance of the meeting - there can be no surprise candidates.

Once this has taken place the Tony and Freda Howlett Literary Award will be presented following which there will be an entertainment.

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