New category icons

In an effort to make it clearer what a post is about I'm introducing category icons.

Sherlock 4 - Which villain will Toby Jones be?

It was recently revealed that Toby Jones would be a villain in the new series of Sherlock.

A notice re The Undershaw Preservation Trust

My fourth book An Entirely New Country chronicles the life of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle between the years 1897 and 1907.

The Vote before the EU vote

There is much talk about the EU Referendum but, before that, there is another important election.

You're not a Sherlockian! Yes I am!

Yesterday there appears to have been another Sherlockian spat. I only caught the post-mortem and no one gave me further information (so I could be getting a lot of this wrong) but it appears to have been about the age old issue of Sherlockian merit. In other words, are some Sherlockians more serious than others, are some more worthy than others?

"Moriarty Pub" - No news!!!!

A little while ago I posted about the impending closure of South Norwood pub The William Stanley.

Author Interview : Elizabeth Varadan

I now present the latest of my Sherlockian interviews. This time it is with author Elizabeth Varadan.

Interview with Bill Barnes

I'm pleased to present my latest interview with Bill Barnes - President (or Captain) of The Sydney Passengers.