A Study in Change - Portsmouth's Sherlock exhibition gets an update

Yesterday I travelled to Portsmouth at the invitation of PhD student Kate Brombley for the unveiling of a new addition to Portsmouth Museum's Sherlock exhibition.

For those not in the know, Portsmouth was left the entire collection of Richard Lancelyn Green when he died. A small proportion of his collection is on display at Portsmouth Museum and has been for many years.

Portsmouth Museum yesterday
The exhibit consists of a number of cases each of which contains Sherlock or Conan Doyle memorabilia.

A small corner of the exhibition
Kate Brombley has added a new display to this collection. Its aim is to examine fan culture and it contains collectables such as rare postcards and collecting cards, as well as signed photos from up-to-date offerings such as Sherlock and Elementary. There are also little seen photos of the late Alan Rickman when he portrayed Holmes on stage.

All in all it is a worthy addition to the exhibit and should be available to be seen for at least a year.

The collection's website is here.

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