Author interview : A S Croyle

The interviews are now coming thick and fast.

What got you interested in Sherlock Holmes and when? 

I read many of Doyle’s stories in my teens but BBC’s Sherlock and the Robert Downey movies rekindled my interest. I also love writing historical fiction so I decided to tie the two interests together.

Did you get encouragement from friends and family? Did anyone question your interest? 

Absolutely! All of my friends knew of my writing endeavors and were surprised at how I dovetailed my interest in writing historical fiction into a Sherlock-related plot.

Who is your favourite screen Holmes and why? 

I do like Benedict Cumberbatch’s rendition of Holmes but I also enjoyed the 1985 Young Sherlock movie, which I think is underrated.

How do you find the Sherlock Holmes community, any really positive or negative experiences?

For the most part it is very positive and supportive, but I also find the divisions unusual. i.e. Some Sherlockians have said they won’t read my book because I have Sherlock at Oxford (They are obviously Cambridge fans). Others think he never had any romantic inclinations at all, even as a young man, as I have depicted him in my novels (he is in his early twenties). It is fascinating to me that people can be so passionately entrenched in their opinions about a fictional character.

Written by A.S. Croyle

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