William Stanley Pub update

Recently I blogged about the imminent takeover of the William Stanley Pub in South Norwood.

The source for the information was another blog but it has now made it to more official channels - in this case the Croydon Guardian (here).

Alas, the new owner Antic has not got back to any of my approaches about the fate of the ACD related displays. Apparently, according to the newspaper article, they have not even committed to retaining the pub name. If that's the case I think it unlikely that anything will survive.

It would be disappointing for me as I worked hard to get Wetherspoon to put up the displays. They've now been up for seven years and are my only lasting contribution to the area. I would, needless to say, be sad to see them go.

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  1. Maybe you can get them and hold on to them for another times.