Hiddleston rumours

For quite some time now there have been rumours that Tom Hiddleston will join the cast of Sherlock as the mysterious third Holmes brother.

Now this has been going on ever since Mycroft made the "...what happened to the other one?" remark at the end of series three.

I see this story perpetuated on an almost weekly basis and recently there has been more poo-pooing of it than normal with people being reminded that it was just a joke on the part of Mark Gatiss. The lady in charge of publicity has even been cited as saying it's not true.

Now I don't believe it will happen either but I don't blame anyone for persisting in the belief that it will - even in the face of the strongest denials.

And that's for the simple reason that the people behind Sherlock have form for this sort of thing. Remember the regular claims that the Victorian Sherlock would be a self-contained, stand-alone special? Well that turned out to be so true didn't it?

The whole lot of them love to troll and simply cannot be trusted when it comes to who will be in the show or where the plots will go. We will only know for certain when the series is finally screened.

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  1. It is kind of a game the people involved play that makes following 'Sherlock' rather tiresome at times and dulls the looking forward to it quite a bit.

  2. I will happily watch Series Four when it comes out. Whether I'll be happy after viewing it, is another matter entirely. However, I've come to the conclusion that following the between-series PR machine for "Sherlock" is a fool's errand. I'll spend my time with the Canon. Wishing cast and crew all the best, but the next time I want to hear from them is the air date of Series Four in the U.S.

  3. I don't believe there even *is* another one.