Not so careless whispers

2009 was the year I first attended a meeting of The Sherlock Holmes Society of London.

Although I had been a member since 2007 I had never felt moved to attend anything in my early years. This was not because I was not interested but because my life was busy with work and the writing of my first two books.

Soon after my second book was published the SHSL hosted the launch of Douglas Wilmer's memoirs entitled Stage Whispers. I bought a copy on the day.

I have to admit that now, after almost exactly seven years, I'm finally reading it and it's good.

It is less an auto-biography and more a compilation of detailed anecdotes but it is no less worthy for that. Many chapters are devoted to individuals who Wilmer met and/or worked with such as Charlton Heston, Laurence Olivier and, believe it, Kenneth Williams. Wilmer's time as Holmes is covered although I'm yet to reach that part.

The book contains a collection of B&W photographs from across Wilmer's career.

Copies are still to be had on Amazon. Here.

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