Having a clear out for charity!

It has to be said that, within certain parameters, I've been rather excessive with my collecting.

My collecting has been largely confined to books, posters and other similar items but I have been known to get other things too.
The shelves may look tidy but this was some time ago.
There is a lot more clutter now

The point is that I now have too much stuff and I need to thin it out and concentrate on the items that are important to me.

Some items I only bought because they aided my research for one of my books (yes I know that sounds commercially motivated - sorry). With the books now written, my need for such items has waned. The originals can always be scanned for future reference (copyright permitting).

Other things I bought in a moment of weakness and probably never really wanted but got them because they seemed cheap.

The long and short of this post is that I am going to have a clear out.

My wife is a great supporter of charities that raise money to help relocate stray/unwanted/maltreated dogs from Eastern Europe to the UK and other countries. We have a dog from Romania that we rescued but we cannot take any more so we try and help others to do so.

Any items from my collection that are sold will be auctioned by this charity. Please comment if you are interested and I will let you all know, in due course, what I'm letting go of and where you can bid for it. I shall write a provenance for each item to give its history.

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