SPOILERS - Review - The Abominable Bride

Well, what to say about The Abominable Bride?

Sorry but I didn't like it.

I blame the writers. I'm tired of being misled. I think we've all lost count of the number of interviews where we were told that they were going to do it right and that the special was stand-alone in its own bubble. I believed, against my better judgement, because I wanted to believe.

Lesson finally learned.

Alarm bells began immediately with the run through of the contemporary series at the very beginning. I was left wondering the relevance of all this in a "stand-alone" episode. Then, as time went on, I began to relax. Just as I did so, the anachronistic language began to appear and then we found ourselves on the airport tarmac from series 3.

Yes, we had a clichéd dream sequence. It may have been drug induced but it was only a variation on a theme.

I did't want to see this
Credit where it is due. Excellent Victorian London. Wonderful costumes and a plot that had promise. Ultimately the Victorian element was unsatisfying and the contemporary series was moved on not one jot by what we'd watched.

Canonical Mycroft was a highlight

If they'd done what they claimed to be doing it would have been good. As it stands we have an opportunity missed that will not come round again.

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  1. I too felt very let down and what also irritated me was Cumberbatch was clearly copying Jeremy Brett in his mannerisms and style of Holmes. JB will always be the definitive Holmes! ��

  2. I think we all expected a real stand-alone episode, one that you could see withouth having seen the rest of the series, but this episode is just a continuation of series 3. But it's a very good episode, I think.

  3. "As it stands we have an opportunity missed that will not come round again."

    Like so many others.... *sigh*

    1. I'm not sure. I think this won't be the last time we see this 'Victorian' Sherlock...

    2. But after this one it seems clear that they're not interested in doing a true Victorian episode and that is the chance that was missed.

  4. I agree totally. The first hour was terrific. And then it went quickly terrible. I won't be watching again.