SHSL Annual Dinner 2016

Last Saturday saw the latest Sherlock Holmes Society of London Annual Dinner.

As usual it was a fantastic evening. People were initially slow to gather (or I was there early).

The trailblazers gather...

After some lovely drinks, during which I met some new and old faces, we made our way to the dining room.

Former treasurer Calvert Markham has a chat with Beryl Vertue

Good food was had by all.

Dinner in full swing

Steven Moffat (left with back to camera). Diagonally to his right is Sue Vertue.
A fantastic speech was delivered by Sue Vertue in which she sprinkled us with anecdotes about the genesis of Sherlock and what it was like being married to a "geek". Regrettably I could not see Steven Moffat's expression during the speech which I think would have made interesting viewing.

Rumours did circulate that Mark Gatiss would also attend but he did not which was a shame.

Calvert Markham won the Tony Howlett Award and Philip Porter (above in white jacket) was made an honorary member of the society - its highest honour.

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  1. Do I spot Beryl Vertue as well? Lovely photos!

  2. Ooops! Pressed 'send' before I meant to. Thanks for sharing!