Holmes in another Conan Doyle book?

I am presently reading a book for review on Arthur Conan Doyle's relationship with The Strand Magazine.

I recently read a chapter about Conan Doyle's various boxing related pieces such as Rodney Stone. In covering Conan Doyle's best boxing story The Croxley Master (1899) a Paget illustration is featured that appears to contain Sherlock Holmes on the far right.

Holmes did love Boxing

Now Conan Doyle loved Boxing and it was one of Holmes's skills too. Was this perhaps a little joke by Sidney Paget? Did Conan Doyle notice (or indeed approve)?

Just a coincidence??

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  1. Why not, we know that the Victorians had a sense of humour and that Doyle himself referenced pop culture and celebrity in his Holmes stories and elsewhere. "Rodney Stone" itself cites famous names in the pugilist world. The curious question is if Doyle approved the illustration and was aware of the figure then the practice of fandom planting and spotting references or Easter Eggs may extend historically to this illustration from 1896.

  2. This is great to see! Especially since I just completed my Sherlock Holmes boxing trilogy. Thanks so much for pointing out this curious bit of history.